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Review Motorola Pie 9 For You Knowing


Motorola, one of the most renowned device manufacturers in the world, has not stopped generating news and is that while many popular companies such as Sony, BQ and HTC confirmed the incorporation of the operating system version 9.0, the Californian company had kept silent.

Know a little about Android Pie

Table of Contents

1 Know a little about Android Pie

2 Motorola Smartphones that have Android 9

3 Android Pie Incorporation

4 Motorola Mobiles with Android 9 Pie

4.1 How to synchronize contacts with Google account

4.2 My mobile phone has been stolen, what can I do?

4.3 Android pie 9.0 is here | News and update

4.4 How to use mobile as universal remote control

4.5 10 incredible tricks for Android

4.6 How to take a screenshot on the mobile

Android 9 Pie, the new version of the operating system will be identified under the name 9.0 and with the name Pie, which will be briefly known as P. This system has been one of the most eagerly awaited releases in the technological field.

The update that bears the name of the popular apple or lemon dessert, pie, has been made by following certain steps. In this sense, for the corresponding update to be released, a path of previous versions was traveled.

These versions were directed in the first instance to the developers and the rest were presented as betas, until the final update. Of course, Google was the pioneer in incorporating the version to its devices, and OnePlus, HTC, Sony, LG and Nokia were later added.

There are already a good number of computers that are compatible with the new version of the operating system. Consequently, it has effectively reached different terminals from dissimilar manufacturers.

And as it could be otherwise, Motorola also joined the manufacturing companies that will add the new version of the operating system to its operation.

Motorola smartphones running Android 9

The latest models of the North American company already have the latest version of Android 9 Pie from the factory, however others such as the Motorola ONE require an update.

Motorbike G7 Plus

Moto G7 Power

Motorola ONE – update

Moto Z3 Play – update

Moto X4 – update

Android Pie onboarding

Some devices may have access to the update, among which are the following models belonging to the Moto G family: Moto G6, Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus.

Motorbike G6

Motorbike Z2 FORCE

Motorbike Z2 PLAY

Motorbike G6 PLUS

Moto G6 PLAY

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