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Price Samsung Galaxy S4


Latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Prices - Latest Samsung prices for 2014 and 2015, used Samsung prices are also available here. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a Samsung cellphone that is quite sophisticated besides that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also equipped with a camera and a back that is sharp enough to take pictures, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also quite capable, apart from that the Samsung Galaxy S4 also uses Android Jelly Bean where Android Jelly Bean is indeed very good for the latest version of an Android cellphone, for those of you who want to see the price and specifications of the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 it is better to see in full the prices of used and new along with their specifications.

Samsung galxy s4 uses android jelly bean and is equipped with front and rear cameras. whereas for Android memory it uses 32GB of external memory and internal memory, for the front camera the Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a capacity of 2 mega pixels and a rear camera of 8 MP, and the price for the Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to have dropped in price, namely for new prices around 6 million and used or second prices range from 4 million. new price: 6 million used price: 4 million If you want to see the complete price of the latest Samsung Galaxy S4.

For this year this phone 1 million or under for second price.

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